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Using lockdown to double-down… and why you should too!

When the world suddenly halted on a random Monday evening in March, OH! Marketing Services doubled down. And we have been helping our clients do the same.

We have had a busy few month’s here at OH! Marketing Services; website launches, expanding our client base, and exploring new ways of providing the best digital marketing strategies. We have been helping our clients in various ways from harnessing the explosion of e-commerce, to optimising how they use their ad spend.

These are just 3 areas we have focused on during lockdown…

1. Website launches

Having a website which is easily navigated, visually pleasing and mobile-friendly can affect the length of time a potential customer spends browsing your site. The longer they spend browsing and the easier it is to find what they are looking for, the more likely they will convert to sales, enquiries, or subscriptions for your business.

Check out the website transformation below launched in April for our new client - Cannabis Oil NI. The first image shows screenshots of their old website, before they approached us. It was dark, difficult to navigate and wasn’t inviting enough to encourage customers to hang around and browse. We started from scratch, designing a clean, fresh website which better reflects the health properties of the CBD products sold by our client.

Rewind to late March when we launched a sparkly new website for 23B Solutions. The company supplies a range of industries with turnkey custom designed pumping and washing solutions, which help businesses to lower costs and improve their water efficiency. We created a sharp design to capture the 23B Solutions’ engineering innovation, whilst maintaining a clean, crystal-clear user experience which flows well, to emphasise their focus on optimising water usage.

2. The explosion of E-commerce

Revenue doesn’t have to stop because your physical store is closed.

I read an article a few days ago about Corona virus moving digital marketing forward by 10 years, and with the explosion of E-commerce, this certainly seems to be the trajectory. Just spend a few minutes scrolling on social media and you will find a company now starting to sell their products online, when previously they traded solely from their bricks and mortar store.

We launched a new website for Pristine Cleaning NI in March. In April they asked us to add an E-commerce store to their site to help sell their locally produced sanitisation products. The images below show their new online store, which has helped them get back to business quickly.

3. Facebook advertising

Learning, upskilling and expanding our expertise has always been key for us as it helps improve the service we provide.

A huge focus for us in 2020 has been to hone our Facebook advertising services by staying sharp on the latest features, attending training webinars and testing different strategies before rolling them out fully for our clients.

The time invested in this extra training since the beginning of 2020 has proved invaluable in helping clients to dramatically increase their revenue.

Check out the phenomenal results below for two of our clients for the month of May. From an ad spend of £6000, the client in the second image has brought in revenue of over £135,000!

Now back to work!

Lockdown is weird, we get that. Everything is scary, uncertain and there isn’t really anything stopping us from watching Netflix for 10 hours a day (ahem… this definitely, definitely is not based on my own experience…ahem).

However, the strategies that worked pre-Coronavirus are not the strategies that will work post-Coronavirus, which is exactly why we have been helping our clients to ‘up the ante’.

If you want to know how you can take your business online, get better results from your Facebook advertising or simply just have a virtual coffee and chat through your options, get in touch!

Let us help you use this time to double down on your digital strategy and get the results you want.

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