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Content to help increase organic website traffic

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

I’m often asked by clients and businesses “how do I get organic traffic to my website?”. Many of these businesses are looking for a quick solution to help drive traffic to their website. Unfortunately, the only quick solution is to pay for it through advertisement… which isn’t a solution for driving organic traffic at all.

The best way to get organic and quality traffic to your website is to provide your audience with valuable high-quality content which can be consumed by reading, watching or listening.

Now let’s look at a few types of content which will engage your audience and drive organic traffic.


Blogging is probably the most accessible type of content for content creators, all you need is a topic/subject, Microsoft word and away you go! Blogs are also great because Google absolutely loves quality well written content, filled with relevant keywords. Writing high quality blogs about your business or chosen topic using well researched keywords will help your website rank higher organically on Google.

Pro tip:

Always use Google keyword planner when creating a blog and cross post your blogs on as many platforms as possible e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. These backlinks to your website are a core foundation in helping to raise your website up the Google rankings. This unfortunately, won’t happen overnight, but over time Google’s algorithms will gradually bump you above competition.


Video content offers a more personal and behind the scenes look into your business. However, many businesses under utilise video as they feel they don’t have the correct equipment or editing skills. The most common excuse is that they are just camera shy! In reality they don’t actually need to go in front of the camera - smart phone cameras are high enough quality for filming and there are loads of free apps that can allow them to easily and quickly edit videos on their smart phones.

Video content ideas:

·  Daily running of the business.

·  Trailer/teaser promoting new product/service

·  Tips and tricks video demonstrating knowledge or skill

·  Reviews of a product or service

·  Client/customer testimonials

Pro tip:

I would recommend keeping videos as short as possible around 30 seconds to a minute works great for social platforms. Don’t forget to always cross post across multiple platforms!


Podcasts are on the rise, becoming an increasingly popular way to consume content, with many people listening to podcasts on their commute, at work and even to unwind at home. Personally, I think this is great! I find it much easier to commit to listening to a 7-minute podcast than I do watching a video of a similar length, as the podcast allows me to focus on other tasks whilst I listen. Podcasts are also great for content creators - as previously mentioned, many of these creators are camera shy and find speaking into a microphone much less nerve racking.

Pro tip:

Try to keep your podcast concise and relevant, most people enjoy bite size content that they can easily digest. Remember - always cross post your content across multiple platforms in order to reach the largest audience possible and build those juicy website backlinks!

Interested in getting some help with your content production and management? Then feel free to get in touch to get more information on our services and prices.

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